Diana Demon


” In 1974 I was working on the Beggars Opera ‘rock opera’, which featured a Glam Rock figurine called Diana Demon. We were setting up the ‘imaginary landscape’ of a tour of Germany.

Originally Jean Bramble of Scaramouche/ Alkasura in the King’s Road made a costume for Diana Demon. I met Angie Bowie at a Biba’s night (I think it was when we played with the New York Dolls in 1974 ). We hit it off and she offered some beautiful costumes for a photo shoot with Terry O’Neil, which developed Diana Demon even further. Then Angie’s then husband David moved in on Ricky. The Beggars Opera ‘opera’ was put on hold.”

Decode: Miss Gardiner

DD jean bramble suit top

DD jean bramble suit legs